TenHoor & Associates

We engage with clients in the development of new policy, growth, management and service provision strategies that address  the challenges of health reform and a new Trump Administration.

Major national, state and local healthcare organizations and foundations have engaged TenHoor and Associates to assess policy, evaluate market dynamics, understand healthcare financing and value-based reimbursement and position for successful adaptation and growth. TenHoor recommends strategies, services and practices that address current realities and anticipate foreseeable change.

To the challenges facing insurers and providers alike, TenHoor brings a vast store of knowledge and experience with the financing of healthcare and the policies and practices of major Health and Human Services Operating Divisions, ranging from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Administration for Community Living, the Health Services and Resources Administration and others, to the Offices of the Secretary such as the General Counsel and the Inspector General and to the Chief of Staff.

TenHoor & Associates also brings a reservoir of experience with and understanding of the special populations served both by government and the private sector, the providers serving them and the payers, legislators and regulators, from the “head-shed to the street”. Among the many groups of individuals are those with behavior health problems and those with serious mental illnesses, those with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, those with rare and common chronic conditions.